We are a small group of enthusiasts, so we will not take your dog for a walk, we will not do shopping or paint the apartment. We would not have enough time for this because we focus on specific goals.

But don't worry, we'll do something different for you...

What do we do?

creating web pages

Do you know that over 70% of network traffic comes from smartphones?
Do you know why it's worth fighting for every second less website loading?
As your beautiful website loads over 4 seconds, the conversion will drop below 1%.
You didn’t know about those things, did you? It does not matter. You have us for that!

If you decide to choose our services, here is what we can provide:

  • modern website design
  • SEO optimisation so that your website is higher in Google
  • we will fight for the page loading speed
  • your site will be available on your computer, tablet, and smartphone
  • we will take care of adjusting the website in terms of the GDPR
  • we will teach you how to manage the site and how to edit the content

website management

People are divided into 2 groups. On those who do backups and on those who will do it.
Minimize the risk of website viruses and take care of it in advance.

Our offer for clients include:

  • monthly website software update
  • backing up data
  • content updates on the website

logo design

Not the appearance adorns the company but it is worth to stand out positively from the competition.
Hence, take care of a professional image.

When we design your company logo, we provide:

  • min. 3 logo suggestions
  • corrections to the chosen variant
  • monochrome version
  • color variants for light and dark backgrounds
  • uploading vector files

preparation of corporate identity

Do you want to take care of every detail of your company's graphic presentation?
Great! We are happy to assist.

We can prepare:

  • brand book
  • letterhead
  • business cards
  • banner
  • graphics for social media
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